Frédéric LAURENT on exhibition

Frédéric LAURENT s'expose
After eight months of work, it’s ready at last! I’ll have twenty watercolours on display at the tattoo parlor The Tattoeed Lady in Montreuil. The main theme will be pin up girls, rods and customs. Only one problem remains : a huge case of stage fright…     Many thanks to Nab, Taz & Mylooz ...


Meanwhile, I was looking for a first exhibition. Some time in 2011, I was offered the opportunity to have a few watercolours displayed on the stand of the enthusiasts association “La Traction Universelle”, at the 2012 Rétromobile show… Not bad for a first time! And so I came in with three Tractions, of various years ...

Remake ?

On la refait ?
It’s really got a nice figure, the 2012 New Beetle. Food for thought…  

Wide screen

Grand écran
And so I began my first large picture… In fact, I had started it a long time ago, in 2008! Two attempts had tragically ended in the bin, and the development of the third was a long and painful process, hampered by huge personal problems, as well as by a lack of confidence. I worked ...

Size does matter

A l'étroit dans l'A4
After the Warzsawa and its Parisian street was completed, I was eager to paint landscapes around the next cars. And so I painted this DS…     Citroën DS 21 It is the close surroundings rather than a real landscape, really. But the main reason to work on this picture was, I wanted to work ...


Still trying to dress the white void behind the car. I knew my year of preliminary course in advertising school would be useful one day. Renault 4CV Simca Ariane 4

Obsessed, who, me ?

Obsédé, moi ?
No, I’m not a complete obsessional maniac when cars are involved! Or am I? While I had a walk in Paris (see The continuous museum), ambling along the rue de la Convention, I suddenly saw this nice red car at a light, also red. Neither a Volvo P444 nor a Peugeot 203, what could it ...

The continuous museum

Le musée permanent
When the weather is not as Siberian as it has been these last months, one of my favourite pastimes – if  I am not locked in my studio and paint – is to walk in Paris. I have neither route nor goal, I move forward to see this other thing that looks so interesting, there, ...

New and not so new

Neuf et moins neuf
I like to paint brand new cars. Those bodyworks full of reflexions, those sparkling chromes, those spotlessly smooth surfaces. Citroën DS 19 I like to paint dog tired cars. Those tarnished paints, those twisted bumpers, those dents on the body. Citroën 2CV 6 Spécial I like to paint wrecks. Those missing parts, those rust effects, ...

Made in Japan

Two small sized painting done around the same time, in 2004. I was testing other backgrounds than just the white of the paper. The 2003 Subaru is the proof that I can sometimes be interested in a modern car. I like its big round eyes, and the huge amount of reflections to reproduce (See the ...