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Frédéric LAURENT was born in Nérac, southwest France, the 4th of July, 1969. He discovered the world of cars at an early age, thanks to Matchbox and Majorette toys. A passion for cars has remained with him ever since.

He waited until he was three years old to sketch his first car, and hasn’t stopped since. He has just tried to improve his skill in the meantime.

Logically, Frédéric LAURENT turned toward a baccalaureate in Art Study. Under the steady influence of his art teacher, he gained skills that changed a simple hobby into a devouring passion. He learned the history of arts, technical bases of sketching and painting, and developed his work discipline.

At the same time, one day he was in a car dealer’s showroom to sketch the classic cars on display, he was spotted by the owner of the garage (and the old cars). The man suggested that he try watercolour painting. Frédéric LAURENT was instantly seduced by this technique, and refined it with his art teacher.

After his baccalaureate, Frédéric LAURENT started college studies in History and Geography. His favourite era is the 20th century and he began to favour vintage cars over new models.

In 1992-1993 he did his military service. There he learned to drive… In a Citroën Mehari. This first real connection with old cars confirmed his tastes. After the army, Frederic LAURENT discovered another main interest in his life, the book trade. He moved to a variety of jobs in libraries and book shops.

In 2011, he took the plunge and became a professional painter, and is now registered at the Maison des Artistes.

A regular visitor of the Retromobile show, Frédéric LAURENT showed paintings at the 2012 Retromobile exhibition for the first time, with watercolours on display at the enthusiasts association “La Traction Universelle.

… And he still collects Majorettes.


Rétromobile 2012 - 02The watercolours at La Traction Universelle stand

Retromobile 2012

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